5 Best Paddle Boards for Fishing

By | August 31, 2023

Exploring the realm of SUP fishing, or just going out for a nice day on a river/lake, we find immense joy in the versatility of our boards. These paddlecrafts grant us access to remote havens that larger vessels or motor-powered crafts could never fathom reaching. A remarkable attribute lies in their serene silence, treading lightly upon the water to preserve the tranquil habitat of local wildlife.

Meeting these qualities, the phenomenon of SUP fishing/boarding has surged in popularity. The paddleboard becomes a conduit to inhabit elusive, unspoiled locales, casting our lines without disrupting the delicate balance. As we navigate through this discourse, we will unveil our curated selection of the finest Fishing SUPs in 2023, facilitating your decision-making process when embarking on the journey to secure your ideal fishing paddle-board. However, prior to diving into our recommendations, let’s delve into the distinguishing features that set an exceptional fishing SUP apart in a bustling market.

Selecting the perfect Fishing Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP):

Deciphering the realm of Fishing SUPs, the process becomes an artistry of fitting the board seamlessly into your way of life, preferences, and requirements. Delving into this discourse, I present a concise buyer’s guide born from countless hours of testing diverse models. This guide distills essential attributes that steer your informed decision-making process, empowering you to elevate your SUP fishing experience beyond measure.

Unveiling Stability’s Crucial Role Embarking on the journey of selecting a SUP, stability stands as the cornerstone across all disciplines. SUP fishing involves more than just poised paddling; it entails maneuvering rods, lures, and strikes while maintaining unwavering balance. The depth of stability transforms your fishing escapades, granting ease in transitioning between tasks without compromising equilibrium. This stability is intertwined with a board’s size, particularly its width. Opting for a wider board leans towards heightened stability, even though it may trim down rapid maneuverability (a trade-off seldom relevant in SUP fishing).

The strategic placement of fins plays a pivotal role in stability, with the 2+1 configuration often reigning supreme. Notably, a meticulously crafted SUP exudes enhanced rigidity, ultimately enriching both performance and endurance. In the forthcoming list, the construction specifics of each Fishing SUP will receive intricate attention.

Evaluating Weight Capacity Weight capacity intertwines seamlessly with stability, each amplifying the other’s significance. Peeling back layers, weight capacity reflects a board’s capacity to remain buoyant under specific loads. As the weight approaches this threshold, stability wanes, and overall performance diminishes in tandem with the escalating load.

Diving deeper, optimal sizing aligns with your body weight and gear’s cumulative heft. For ideal stability, the board’s volume (typically listed in specifications) should exceed 1.5 times the combined weight. Striking equilibrium leans towards increasing volume and vice versa, bolstering your SUP fishing endeavors.

Seamless Integration of Fishing Gear The prowess of a Fishing SUP stretches beyond the craft itself—it resides in harmonious compatibility with your existing equipment. Our curated selection of SUPs boasts kayak seat compatibility, fishing rack adaptability, versatile action mounts, d-rings, Scotty mounts, and rod holders. Tailoring this integration demands assessing your gear’s nature, quantity, and intended accessories, forging a synergy that maximizes your SUP’s utility.

Deck Pads: A Fusion of Comfort and Grip SUP fishing entails extensive standing, amplifying the need for an optimal deck pad. The equilibrium lies in a deck pad that seamlessly balances comfort and traction. Grooved deck pads, embodied by diamond patterns and deeply etched textures, elevate grip, ensuring you stand resolute. Opting for darker shades not only exudes aesthetics but also wards off quick staining from the inevitable muck and fish residue.

The Paddle’s Undeniable Impact Ingrained within every SUP kit, the paddle plays a pivotal role in refining your experience. Casting a discerning eye, it’s quality bears weight on your ride. Especially for Fishing SUPs, characterized by greater size and weight, a robust paddle becomes paramount.

Within the spectrum, entry-level SUPs tend to offer plastic or aluminum paddles. Plastic paddles, although lighter, exhibit flex during use, demanding more exertion. Aluminum, sturdier yet heavier, can lead to quicker fatigue during prolonged paddling. Mid-range SUPs elevate the game with fiberglass paddles, a blend of lightness and rigidity, ideal for endurance.

For unparalleled performance, carbon fiber or composite paddles stand as epitomes of lightweight resilience, guaranteeing an extended, comfortable journey. Adapting your unit to your preference is feasible should your chosen board’s paddle fall short.

Guaranteeing peace of mind with warranties each board listed boasts a lineage of reputable manufacturers dedicated to crafting durable, resilient products. Fortified by warranty periods and return policies, your SUP journey remains shielded against the unlikely emergence of issues.

Drawing the line: Crafting your SUP odyssey assimilating these facets shapes your journey into a realm of precision and personalization. Fused with my tested experiences, this guide helps you to navigate the sea of options confidently. As we progress, our compilation of 2023’s paramount Fishing SUPs will cater to an array of preferences, ensuring your ultimate SUP fishing companion finds its way to you.

The Five Best Fishing SUPs / Paddle Boards Reviewed:

1. Flypark 10’8/11’x35” Fishing&Family Inflatable Paddle Board – Review


Hey there, water enthusiasts! Today, I’m starting off with a product that has caught my attention recently—the Flypark 10’8/11’x35” Fishing&Family Inflatable Paddle Board. As someone who’s had the pleasure of paddling through a variety of water bodies and testing out multiple paddle boards, I’m excited to share my take on this intriguing offering. Let’s break it down to the review, shall we?

Product Overview and First Impressions

Flypark presents an inflatable SUP board that promises versatility and adventure. The specs make an impressive entrance: the board stretches out to either 10’8″ or 11′ in length, boasts a 35” width, and holds a solid 6” thickness. At a mere 20 lbs, it’s remarkably lightweight, yet it’s built to carry a substantial load of up to 430 lbs. As I unboxed the Flypark paddle board, I was greeted by a medley of features that hinted at exciting escapades.

Performance and Features

The Flypark paddle board strides forward as a commendable option for paddlers of varying expertise. Whether you’re into yoga, fishing, drifting, or simply floating under the sun, the Flypark paddle product seems eager to accommodate. Inflating the board was a breeze with the 2-Action Fast Inflation Pump, a boon for paddlers who value efficiency.

The board’s 35” width is a standout feature, offering an extra 3” compared to the average board, translating to enhanced stability—a crucial aspect, especially for fishing. In fact, the Flypark paddle panel leans into fishing admirably. With two fishing mounts, a designated fishing rod, and a ruler imprinted on the EVA pad for measuring your prized catch, it caters to anglers’ needs.

Pros and a Couple of Cons

One of the standout elements for me was the inclusion of a kayak seat—a thoughtful touch that adds a comfortable dimension for those long hours spent fishing. The camera mount holds promise for both fishing enthusiasts and vloggers, allowing for creative capturing of aquatic escapades. The design aspect also shines through with well-placed handles that make transport and maneuvering a breeze.

However, there were a couple of minor hiccups. The description mentioned three fins, but I found just one. Also, the Flypark’s clamp seemed a tad looser than expected, which could potentially be improved for a more secure feel during paddling.

Final Notes and Summary (Bottom Line)

All in all, the Flypark 10’8/11’x35” Fishing&Family Inflatable Paddle Board presents an intriguing proposition for water lovers. With its robust construction, commendable stability, and thoughtful features like the kayak seat and camera mount, it offers a well-rounded package for fishing and recreational paddling. While a couple of minor issues did pop up, they didn’t overshadow the overall experience.

Having put the Flypark paddle board through its paces, I can confidently say that it’s a worthwhile consideration, particularly if you’re looking for a versatile option that combines fishing functionality and family-friendly design. So, gear up, embrace the waves, and make memories as you paddle with the Flypark inflatable sup board—the aquatic world is your playground!

2. HICOO 11’×34″×6″ Extra Wide Inflatable Paddle Board – Review

For the second board, I’m thrilled to take a closer look at the HICOO 11’×34″×6″ Extra Wide Inflatable Paddle Board. Having spent countless hours paddling through rivers, lakes, and coastal waters, I’ve grown quite fond of this exhilarating water activity. Now, let’s paddle into the details and see how the HICOO paddle board stacks up against the waves (and other models).

Product Unveiled and First Impressions

This HICOO Blue Coast unit makes an entrance with a unique blend of speed and stability. Its pointed nose design not only enhances its slicing through water but also promises an extra dose of speed—a feature that instantly got my adventure-loving heart racing. On top of that, the generous 34-inch width promises impeccable stability, catering to both newcomers and seasoned paddlers alike.

Speed Meets Convenience

One standout feature that caught my attention was the two extra D-rings at the front end of the deck. These rings open up the possibility of securely attaching a larger, longer waterproof backpack—a game-changer for those embarking on long-distance paddleboarding escapades. The added convenience of having ample storage space without compromising on stability is a win-win.

Strength in Capacity

With a weight limit of 420 lbs, the HICOO paddle board is ready to accommodate family and friends, plus some extra gear. From tents and food to fishing gear and yoga mats, this board is built for a variety of activities. Whether you’re planning a tranquil fishing session or a playful day on the water with loved ones, the Hicoo paddle board rises to the occasion.

The Multi-Functional Companion

The inclusion of a multi-functional center handle is a clever touch. Not only does it make transporting and operating the board a breeze, but it also serves as a handy storage spot for small essentials like water bottles, keys, or even your trusty smartphone. It’s these little conveniences that make the overall paddling experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Kit for Adventure

When it comes to equipping paddlers for a full-fledged aquatic adventure, the HICOO paddle board doesn’t hold back. The comprehensive kit includes 3 removable fins, a safety leash, a hand pump, an adjustable floating panel, a waterproof phone bag, and a 10L waterproof backpack. It’s a lineup that caters to everyone, from seasoned athletes to enthusiastic beginners.

Pros and a Slight Con

The sleek design of the HICOO board is both eye-catching and practical. The pointed nose lives up to its promise of slicing through the water, delivering that much-desired speed. While the D-rings for larger backpack attachment and the multi-functional center handle are excellent additions, I did find myself wishing for a bit more cushioning on the deckpad for enhanced comfort during longer rides.

Final Thoughts (Bottom Line)

In the world of paddleboarding, the HICOO 11’×34″×6″ Extra Wide Inflatable Paddle Board stands as a versatile companion for both leisurely paddles and action-packed adventures. With a well-balanced blend of stability and speed, it’s suited for paddlers of all skill levels. While there’s a lot to love about this paddle unit – from its design to the convenient features – I hope to see some deckpad improvements in the future.

After venturing out on the water with this HICOO unit, I can confidently say that it offers an enjoyable and thrilling experience for those seeking both relaxation and excitement. So, gear up, inflate that board, and let the waters carry you away—adventure awaits!

3. Tuxedo Sailor Inflatable Paddle/SUP Board – Review

For our third unit, we’re casting our expert eye on the Tuxedo Sailor Inflatable Paddle/SUP Board, a nautical gem tailor-made for fishing aficionados and paddleboarding rookies alike. As a seasoned water wanderer who’s explored the waves on a variety of paddleboards, I’m eager to dive into the details and share my take on this aquatic marvel.

Embrace the Fisher’s Paradise

At first glance, the Tuxedo Sailor paddle-board screams “fisherman’s haven.” With three fishing bases strategically placed on the board/panel, it’s a testament to its dedication to angling adventures. These bases provide a versatile canvas for mounting fishing supports from different angles—perfect for the aspiring angler in you. And the icing on the cake? The package graciously includes two fishing supports, ensuring you’re geared up for your next fishing escapade.

A Dimension for All—12′ × 34″ × 6″

Size truly matters, especially in the world of paddleboarding. The Tuxedo Sailor’s generous dimensions—12′ × 34″ × 6″—strike a sweet balance between accommodating both seasoned fishermen and beginners seeking unparalleled stability. It’s a hearty platform that promises stability for the uninitiated while accommodating the ambitious plans of seasoned anglers.

Convenience Meets Comfort

The Tuxedo Sailor doesn’t just excel in the water; it’s designed to make your entire experience hassle-free. The included shoulder strap transforms the inflated board into a portable companion, making transportation a breeze. And for those extended fishing trips, the kayak seat nestled in the accessory package ensures comfort even during marathon fishing sessions.

More than Meets the Eye

Beyond its fishing prowess, the Tuxedo Sailor is a versatile aquatic partner. A multifunctional base on this Tuxedo Sailor unit opens up endless possibilities for attaching various accessories. Transform it into a camera base and capture your paddle boarding escapades with stunning precision. Oh, and don’t overlook the paddle hanger on the side—a clever solution to store your board when not in use, keeping your hands free for all the angling action.

Kit for the Adventurous

Let’s talk about the icing on the cake—the accessory-packed package. With 3-piece length adjustable floating paddles, 3 fins, a SUP pump, a backpack, a 10L Dry Bag, a leash, a kayak seat, and 2 fishing rod brackets, it’s a comprehensive collection that caters to all kinds of water enthusiasts. But, alas, a slight drawback: the quality of some accessories, like the board, isn’t top-tier. However, it’s a small hiccup considering the value you’re getting in the bundle.

The Final Catch (Bottom Line)

As I reflect on my adventures with the Tuxedo Sailor Inflatable Paddle/SUP Board, one thing is crystal clear—it’s a dream come true for fishing aficionados and those seeking aquatic thrills. With its fishing-centric design, ample stability, and thoughtful conveniences, it earns a well-deserved spot among your water-bound companions. However, while the board boasts an elegant and well-proportioned appearance, a few of the included accessories may not match the premium experience you’re seeking.

In the grand tapestry of paddleboarding, the Tuxedo Sailor sup-board stands as a testament to both function and style. If you’re yearning for a paddleboard that effortlessly transitions from tranquil fishing to thrilling paddling, this might just be your catch of the day. The promise of adventure, combined with the manufacturer’s dedication to customer satisfaction, makes the Tuxedo Sailor a reliable choice for your water escapades. So, gear up, cast off, and let the Tuxedo Sailor paddleboard navigate you through waves of excitement!

4. MYBOAT Inflatable Paddle Board – Reviewed

Our fourth tested unit, this time with the MYBOAT 11’6″×34″×6″ Extra Wide Inflatable Paddle Board – a vessel designed for the daring and the dog lovers alike. So let me share my insights and opinions on this aquatic gem.

A Wide World of Stability

The MYBOAT inflatable paddle board comes adorned with dimensions that scream stability – 33” and 34” wide, to be exact. These extra inches are a welcoming embrace for beginners seeking to conquer the art of balancing on water. As someone who values stability, especially when furry companions are onboard, I must admit these dimensions are a promising start.

Paddle with Your Pooch

The inclusion of a non-slip traction dog pad is a thoughtful touch for dog lovers and their four-legged companions. No more slipping and sliding; now, your faithful friend can join you on this aquatic adventure, taking in the sights and sounds without a care in the world. It’s a heartwarming feature that truly makes this product stand out.

Functionality Meets Convenience

The multi-functional handle at the center of the Myboat sup board is a clever addition that adds convenience to your journey. It’s not just a handle; it’s a versatile station for your essentials—bottles, paddles, and whatever else you need close at hand. Plus, the two safety handles at the front ensure that even when seated, you’re always in control.

The Perfect Adventure Companion

Looking for plentiful storage space? The 15 D-rings design has you covered. With both front and rear bungees, securing your cooler, fishing tackle box, or any other gear becomes a breeze. This paddleboard truly transforms into an adventure vessel, ready to take on whatever aquatic quests you have in mind.

The Bittersweet Reality

While the MYBOAT paddle board boasts impressive features, no vessel is without its quirks. For starters, the pump—adequate, yes, but not quite reaching the heights of higher-end counterparts. And then there’s the multi-adjustable handle, a nifty idea that could use a bit more refinement to prevent unwanted sliding. But fear not, these are mere hiccups in an otherwise promising voyage.

Charting the Final Course (Bottom Line)

As I reflect on my experiences with the MYBOAT Inflatable SUP/Paddle Board, I can’t help but appreciate its commitment to stability, functionality, and the shared joy of water escapades with our furry companions. With its thoughtful design, ample room for cargo, and focus on safety, it’s a strong contender in the realm of inflatable paddle boards.

So, whether you’re a first-time paddleboarder seeking balance, a dedicated dog owner eager to share adventures, or simply someone looking to explore the waves with style, MYBOAT has you covered. While it’s not without minor imperfections, the overall journey is smooth, exciting, and fulfilling. Strap on your life jacket, grab your furry co-captain, and set sail on the MYBOAT—the waters are calling, and you’re ready to answer.

5. Skatinger 11’6×35″ Super Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Review

Here’s our fifth board I have tried. So, let’s dive right into the review for our last unit, this time exploring the Skatinger 11’6×35″ Super Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. I’m quite thrilled to share my experience and thoughts about this particular addition to the water sports world.

Unleash the Stability

The Skatinger Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board prides itself on being ultra-stable, and from my time with it, I can certainly attest to that claim. With dimensions of 11’6 x 35″ x 6″, this paddleboard comes with a wider deck and nose, promising an impressive weight capacity of up to 430 lbs. This extra width, a generous 3 inches more than the standard 32″ model, translates to unparalleled stability and remarkable balance on the water.

Designed for Adventure

This Skatinger unit is not just a floating platform; it’s a well-thought-out adventure vessel. The 3 handles—front, rear, and center—ensure easy lifting and dragging from the water, making maneuvering on land almost as effortless as gliding on the waves. The structure of the fins, securely fixed on the metal base, adds to the overall stability and control, while the removable fins offer the freedom to steer with grace and ease.

Built to Last

One of the standout features is the highly durable material of the Skatinger inflatable paddle board. The non-slip EVA deck pad, designed with a diamond pattern, provides a solid and comfortable platform that inflates to rock-solid hardness (13~15psi). The use of military-grade ultra-light PVC material and advanced needle-drop core technology ensures remarkable compression resistance and elasticity, adding an extra layer of durability to this product.

Portability and Convenience

Portability and convenience are essential aspects of any paddle board, and the Skatinger doesn’t disappoint. The inclusion of a two-action fast pump with a precise metering and sealing hose allows for quick inflation and deflation, getting you on the water in no time. The convenient handle and lightweight design make carrying a breeze, and when it’s time to pack up, just tuck it into the included backpack. This design consideration, catering to solo travelers and families alike, adds an extra layer of accessibility.

Accessories Galore

The Skatinger inflatable paddle board doesn’t come alone; it brings along a party of accessories to enhance your water adventures. From the adjustable alloy paddle and fast inflation pump to the 100L backpack and ankle leash, this package leaves little to be desired. The 6-point bungee storage system, in particular, ensures your belongings are safely secured even during the most adventurous rides.

A Splash of Reality

While the Skatinger board brings a lot to the table, it’s important to acknowledge the individual journey. As one review mentioned, finding stability can be a personal challenge, and the width alone might not be the magic solution for everyone. It’s important to practice and adapt to the board’s unique dimensions and attributes.

Charting the Final Course (Bottom Line)

After my time with the Skatinger 11’6×35″ Super Wide Inflatable Stand Up SUP Board, I can confidently say that it offers a stable, durable, and adventure-ready experience on the water. Its wide design, thoughtful accessories, and sturdy construction make it a valuable companion for water lovers, families, and even furry friends.

However, as with any adventure, there might be a learning curve for finding your balance, especially if you’re new to paddleboarding. So, if you’re ready to dive into the waters of stability and embark on new aquatic escapades, the Skatinger paddle board could be your next exciting choice. Just remember to embrace the journey, practice your balance, and savor every wave.

Final Notes from a Fishing SUP Enthusiast:

While you peruse our carefully curated list of 5 best sup/paddle boards for fishing, or for just cruising, the deliberation whether a fishing SUP aligns with your aspirations remains. Delving into the heart of this discourse, allow me to illuminate the myriad advantages, thereby aiding your determination if this avenue is your destined angling companion.

In the realm of traditional open-water angling, the looming cost of boats can swiftly deter enthusiasts. Herein, the allure of fishing SUPs becomes evident. Procuring a commendable fishing SUP comes at around $1,500—an investment that pales compared to the exorbitant boat expenses. Notably, numerous companies extend 12-month financing options, mitigating the upfront financial strain.

Unveiling Hidden Enclaves – SUPs inherit a unique advantage—the ability to infiltrate confined, shallow havens inaccessible to conventional boats. This gift bequeaths uncharted waters, granting an elevated chance of uncovering pristine fishing territories and fostering heightened success.

Seamless Mobility & Storage – The hallmark of inflatable SUPs lies in their unrivaled accessibility and convenience during storage and transit. Rolling up your iSUP and tucking it into its compact bag bestows effortless maneuverability—a stark contrast to the elaborate logistics entailed by boats, which mandate trailers and storage space, compounding the cost of ownership.

Subtle Harmonization – Harnessing the prowess of paddleboards, you embark upon your fishing escapade with a gentle entry, evading disturbances that might rattle established aquatic inhabitants.

Embarking on an Enriching Workout – A silent bonus accompanies your SUP fishing journey—paddling, an invigorating low-impact full-body workout. Gradually, core strength burgeons, and joint stability matures, all while you immerse yourself in the fishing fervor.

Optimal Accessories: Elevating Your Fishing SUP As an adept aficionado, I’ve traversed the accessory landscape, discerning those that amplify the SUP fishing tapestry. Within our meticulously curated boards, you’ll find a host of advantageous additions. Here’s my expert recommendation on optimizing your experience:

  1. Fishing Rod Mounts & Holders: Embrace efficient space utilization through rod holders and mounts, freeing prime standing real estate and infusing your day with unbridled fishing joy.
  2. Paddle Sheath/Holder: Ensure your paddle rests within arm’s reach yet doesn’t impede your movements. A paddle sheath or holder liberates your hands for seamless casting and reeling.
  3. Basket Stripping: Tailor-made for fly fishing, this feature eradicates the menace of entangled lines during critical moments, enhancing your on-water prowess.
  4. Kayak Conversion Kit: Aiding comfort during choppier waters, this conversion seat offers respite from constant standing, an indulgence especially relevant for elongated fishing sessions.
  5. Sandspur/Anchor: Taming the capricious winds and currents, these additions anchor you firmly to your chosen spot, obviating unnecessary efforts to maintain position.
  6. Electric Pump: Akin to a loyal ally, the electric pump streamlines the board preparation process, allowing you to channel your energies towards gear readiness.

Maximizing Your Fishing SUP: Insider’s Tips Embarking on your SUP angling odyssey, I impart valuable insights accumulated over time. Let these tips infuse finesse into your journey:

  1. Pre-Fishing Balance Practice: Ascend the water with honed balance; avoid gazing downward as it disrupts equilibrium. Keep knees supple to absorb water movements, employing your paddle as a stabilizing crutch.
  2. Gentle Maneuvering: Fishes flee from undue commotion. Employ stealthy movements, mitigating splashes, and abrupt shifts, ensuring the tranquil waters retain their inhabitants.
  3. Mimicking Bait Fish: When trolling, emulate natural bait behaviors, simulating a tantalizing spectacle to lure your prey. Leverage currents to your advantage, and adopt a rhythmic jigging technique.
  4. Minimalistic Gear Philosophy: Elevate maneuverability by streamlining your gear. Shed excess load, enhancing board stability and agility—a quintessential element in SUP fishing finesse.
  5. Security in Gear Stowage: After meticulous curation, secure your gear to preempt mishaps. Employ rod holders and mounts, fostering an organized and unobstructed fishing realm.
  6. Legal Compliance & Ethics: Before casting your line, ensure compliance with fishing licenses and local regulations. Preserving aquatic ecosystems beckons a shared responsibility.

In Closing: An Embrace of Freedom Fishing with a SUP unveils a realm of accessibility and serenity that eludes traditional boat-centric angling. Pioneering tranquil enclaves, the SUP enthusiast unravels a canvas of boundless possibilities while honoring the sanctity of the environment.

As our comprehensive compendium of the Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for fishing in 2023 extends its hand, may these insights propel your pursuit. Channel your passion responsibly, guided by the waters, attired in safety, and buoyed by the joy of paddling.


Frequently Asked Questions
What's the Best Paddle Board for Fishing?
The perfect fishing paddle board is an all-inclusive, stable, and robust board with ample weight capacity for gear. It's equipped with action mounts for fishing rod holders and cup holders. Multiple D-rings offer options for bungee storage, anchor attachment, and even seating. Look for a paddle board that meets these criteria for the best fishing experience.
Can You Paddle Board on Lakes and Rivers?
Absolutely! Paddle boards perform excellently on lakes and even rivers. Keep in mind that all paddle board shapes and constructions are best suited for calm waters. For lake adventures, inflatable paddle boards are often the preferred choice due to their versatility and ease of use.
How Far Can You Venture at Sea on a Paddle Board?
When using standard beach equipment, you should remain within 300 meters of the shore. However, if you're on a small watercraft, you can venture up to two nautical miles from a sheltered area. Safety and regulations should always be considered during sea expeditions.

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