Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro – REVIEW

By | August 10, 2017

Dragonfly 5PRO model is Raymarine’s one of the most recent fish finder device and it features a wide range of great capabilities like a CHIRP sonar. The CHIRP boosted DownVision is undeniably the major selling factor of the Dragonfly range. The high resolution 3D-like images look very much improved compared with older or cheaper models. DownVision itself looks excellent, but when you bring in the CHIRP kick, you result in considerable technology in a cost-effective device. No matter if you are a weekend or a pro fisherman, this device will guide you to the fish you have been trying to catch for ages. The new Dragonfly has dual-channel sonar to deliver you the best of what can be found under the boat. You get the benefits of a wide spectrum channel for improved imaging of what’s below put together with a conical channel that operates to distinguish the actual fish.

Fish Finder Features Editor's Rating On Amazon
Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro

Screen: 5"
Transmit power: 500W (RMS)
Maximum depth: 600 ft
Sonar Frequency: 200 kHz Sonar/350 kHz Down Vision
Dual beam: Yes
GPS: Yes
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There are bigger display models available in the Dragonfly series, but this 5 incher is enough and it even has the same resolution – 480 x 800. The Dragonfly 5 Pro has built-in optical bonding on its LCD display. This attribute was previously only offered on high-end marine instruments, but Raymarine has just lately built it into all of their Dragonfly series units. This simply translates into richer colors and sharper contrast. Fishing out there on the river or on the lake, this really makes a difference. The screen will also never fog up.

Key Features

  • Imaging Sonar – This model has a trademarked CHIRP Downvision system which presents a more precise view of the underwater situations such as the fish you are looking for.
  • Display – The display is secured to never fog up and it is bright enough to be readable in direct sunlight.
  • Applications – You can share your sonar views with the Wi-Fish mobile app. It lets your buddies to view live sonar results on their phones at the same time you are out on the river. The app enables you to rewind back to look at previous images to analyze or review the bottom, the conditions, fish and more. The SonarChart app can also be used on a smartphone, this is helpful to review the charts, plan future trips and such. Available both for iPhone and Android.
  • MicroSD Reader – You can order Navionics Gold, Navionics+, Hotmaps, SonarChart, or Jeppesen C-MAP for this unit. Simply put in the map card into the MicroSD card slot and it’s ready to use.
  • Maps – It’s also possible to use maps from Navionics, C-Map or Raymarine Lighthouse compatible charts, all working together with the built-in GPS system for precision guidance.

Thanks to the ease of use and set up, and the sharp images from Down Vision and CHIRP technologies, the Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder is an excellent fish finder for any boat owner. I consider any of the Dragonfly units absolutely a good match for any boating or fishing enthusiast. Its price range should be around 400 bucks so it won’t break your wallet. I can highly recommend this device.

User reviews:
Tony Kandinsky
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
This Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro Navionics+ Dual Channel Sonar/GPS is a brilliant piece of equipment and it absolutely has capabilities we will never use. However, when I took myself and friends out to the lake, we were impressed by what this nicely made unit revealed us. Its features are beyond what I needed the first time I was on the lake, but every time I’m out there fishing, I discover something new.

Due to my obliviousness with this type of gadget, it took us more than an hour to get it up and going as it was meant to. The guidelines were rather good and simple to read. Once you’re familiar with the menus and its logic, it is very comfortable to use. I was happy with the GPS operation as well. The display is clear and viewable in both daylight and at night. The depth shown on the dragonfly felt like correct and the fish finder mode was very fun to use, but in fact didn’t help us catch too many fish on our first short journey out.

This would suit to an area with big fish occurrence, very much recommended!

Douglas R.
4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
This is a genuine and a functional fishfinder. There are manufacturers that state to have CHIRP by just adding CHIRP in the product name. Raymarine gives you real high definition CHIRP tech and the result can be seen when you use it. Dragonfly’s screen is also better than Humminbird or Lowrance in my opinion, if you have a chance, compare different models in a store. The transducer is a tad larger than I wanted and I was worried I would not get it mounted on my small boat properly, but actually it fitted just fine. I was really curious to see if it could live up to the buzz out on the water, and I was impressed. Get yourself together and buy this model if you’re into electronics and fishing, I’m glad I did.